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About JEE College Predictor

Know more about our JEE College Predictor and its Features

Stay ahead in your JEE Main and Advanced preparation with our regularly updated suite of tools, including the College Predictor and Opening and Closing Ranks Tool for 2024. Arm yourself with insightful, data-driven predictions to make confident choices during JoSAA counselling. Built by IIT Roorkee alumni, these tools are crafted to meet all your preparation needs.

Welcome to the JEE Main Tools Hub

Welcome to our JEE Main Tools Hub, the ultimate destination for your JEE Main and Advanced 2024 preparation. Developed by accomplished IIT Roorkee alumni, our comprehensive suite of tools is meticulously crafted to support every step of your journey. Whether you aspire to join a leading engineering college or pursue a competitive branch, our tools offer the insights and predictions you need to excel.

Feature Updates

26th May 2024: We have added a new feature to the JEE Main and Advanced 2024 Rank & College Predictor, enabling users to predict their JEE Advanced rank as well. This addition further enhances the tool's capabilities, providing comprehensive insights for students preparing for the JEE Main and Advanced exams

Empower Your Preparation with Cutting-Edge Tools

Harness the power of predictive analytics with our state-of-the-art tools, carefully crafted to guide your JEE Main and Advanced preparation journey. Our tools use advanced algorithms and insights from experienced alumni to deliver precise and reliable predictions, helping you stay ahead during JoSAA counselling.

Discover Our Suite of Tools

Explore our suite of JEE Main and Advanced tools, each tailored to address specific aspects of your preparation journey:

1. JEE Main and Advanced Rank and College Predictor 2024: Strategize your college preferences and course selections using our college predictor tool. Receive valuable insights into potential colleges based on predicted ranks, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your academic and career goals.

2. JEE Main Opening and Closing Ranks Tool 2024: Delve into the trends of previous years' opening and closing ranks at top engineering institutions. Leverage historical rank cutoff data, curated by IIT Roorkee alumni, to strategically plan your academic journey and boost your chances of gaining admission to your desired college and program.

Plan Your Path to Success

Plan your path to success with our JEE Main and Advanced tools. They provide the knowledge and insights you need to handle the challenges of the JEE Main and Advanced exam and JoSAA counselling process. Use data-driven predictions to make smart choices and set yourself up for academic excellence.

Access Valuable Resources for FREE

Get free access to our JEE Main and Advanced tools, exclusively available on our platform. Use these resources to excel in the JEE Main and Advanced exam and secure admission to your dream engineering college.


The JEE Main and Advanced Tools Hub is your one-stop destination for all your JEE Main and Advanced 2024 preparation needs. Developed by IIT Roorkee alumni, our tools provide valuable insights and data-driven predictions to boost your preparation and guide your decisions during JoSAA counselling. With our tools, confidently navigate the JEE Main and Advanced exam and set out on a journey toward academic success.